What is Wing Chun Kung Fu

•August 19, 2009 • Comments Off on What is Wing Chun Kung Fu

It is said that Wing Chun Kung Fu was founded by Grandmaster Ng Mei, an elderly Buddhist nun in the Ching Dynasty. As she was getting old and weak, she decided to design a Kung Fu style for those who are not strongly built to overpower big and strong guys in an effortless way. Thus a new Kung Fu style was created. It emphasizes on good posture and mind-control, which are essential to generate enormous power. The style was first passed to Ms Yim Wing Chun and then onward to other people, and, “Wing Chun” was named after her. It was until Master Yip Man started his Wing Chun classes in Hong Kong that this secretive martial arts became known to the world.

Wing Chun Kung Fu is highly tactical and relies very much on leverage theories. Its unique training of “sticking hands” not only builds up sensitivity, prompt and direct reflective action, but also sharpens the mind and nurtures “Qi” throughout the body. This style of Kung Fu is good for all ages and both men and women.